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By - Mar 20, 2009 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 75528 This is a real steamy experience when I was in college. My Grandmother was getting very old, and my parents decided to get a full time Nurse to take care of her, since they both were working. My Granny was quite old, and bedridden. A Nurse was appointed and she moved into our house in the servant quarter. The servant quarter was attached to the house. Our house was quite big, and each room had an open area at the entrance. Rosa the nurse was 29 years old, quite tall, dark brown short hair, and well developed assets. I had my own room, and study, while Grandma’s room was close to mine on the Ground floor. My parents lived upstairs on the first floor. The kitchen was at the far end of the house.
Rosa was a very nice, soft spoken lady, un-married, and did not have a family. She would use the common toilet to take her bath. During the day she would be dressed in a white skirt, and coat just like other nurses did, but my mother told her she could wear informal clothing. Of course I liked to see her sexy legs in her skirts, and I started fantasizing about her being in bed with me.
It was the summer months, and college was closed. Rosa was told to take care of my needs also, since we did not have other full time maids. My parents left in the morning for work, and the other maid would cook, clean, and then come back in the evening. That left only 3 of us in the house. Rosa would take a bath around 11 AM, and I would make it a point to try to peep through the bathroom door key hole. Most times I could not see anything, as the key hole was at an angle facing the inside walls of the bathroom. But I think Rosa knew all along what I was trying to do. She never said anything but must have decided to give me a peep show. One day she started to undress very near the key hole, and I saw her in her Bra and panties. She had an outstanding figure, and her bums were quite large. I could not get much of her that day, as I could only see her only from the back.
Next day Rosa surprised me by “informing” me that she is going for a bath. I was confused. Was she trying to tease me, or just telling me. Anyway, I took up position behind the key hole. This time she showed me her front side in her underwear. She was wearing a low cut Bra, and cotton white panties. Her breasts were not big, but looked proportionate to her chest. Her hips were larger in proportion, and very shapely. I could see her opening over the cotton panties, as her panties were hugging her large hips in the pubic area. Then she moved away from the range of the key hole. I wanted to just barge in, and suck the juices out of this teasing woman. But I was scared. What if she did not know I was slyly watching her?
Next day I decided enough is enough. I was getting excited, and after seeing her almost nude, my excitement was killing me. I decided to test her intentions. In the morning I complained about a bad headache, and neck pain. My Mom gave me some medicines, and asked Rosa to take care. Rosa came back after her bath, and asked me how I was feeling? I told her my pain is still there, and would like her to massage my neck. She made me lie face down on my bed, and sat next to me. I felt her warm touch on my neck, and realized that she was trained to do good massages. I told her to do a little of my arms, back, and legs as I was feeling very good. She held my right arm and pulled it towards her. My right hand brushed her breast lightly, but she did not move it away. Was she flirting? When she took my left hand, she had to bend over me a little, and I got all my guts together by placing my right hand on her thighs. She was wearing a full dress, which was made of soft material.
I started to feel Rosa’s thighs over her dress. She asked me, what are you doing? I said nothing, my hands must have slipped. Then she asked me to be frank with her, and tell her what had I been doing behind the door when she went for her bath? SO, the cat was out of the bag. !!!! I turned this around, and asked her, why had she been showing herself to me in underwear? There was stunned silence for a minute, and then she broke into laughter. That helped ease the tension, and both of us started laughing. The Ice had been broken, and the stage was set now. I told her I really admired her, liked her body, and I would get dreams about her.
Rosa was also frank, and told me she liked me, as she found me very handsome, muscular, and she liked naughty boys. Then she kissed me very gently on my forehead. I always had strong arms, and within a split second I put my arms around her, pulled her in a rough manner, and brought her lips very close to mine. Rosa was experienced, and she knew what to do. She started to lip kiss me, and then inserted her tongue inside my mouth. That sensation of kissing a Woman for the first time, made me go wild, and in the excitement, I clasped her breasts with both hands from the front. She pulled away, and told me to she would come back after making Granny sleep in the afternoon.
She came back around 2 PM, wearing a very short pleated school girl skirt, and a front opening blouse. I think she kept this for special occasions. I could see she was not wearing a Bra, and since the first button was open, I could see her cleavage very well. I lay down on the bed, and pulled her chest towards me. She opened her blouse, put her left breast near my mouth and told me to suck her breasts. I started sucking the left breast, and after some time she put her right breast in my mouth. I could see that she was enjoying having a beginner under her. Her hands were on my shorts, massaging and fondling my penis.
Then she asked me, if I would like to kiss on “her special lips”? I did not understand, and she inserted my hand inside her skirt. I could feel her soft fleshy thighs, which were so warm, and juicy. She pushed my hands further inside to reach her Pubic area. She was not even wearing panties. I touched her inner thighs near the pussy, and she moved a little so that my fingers lay on her pussy and asked me - “can you feel my special lips”? She had no hair on her Pussy, and was clean shaven. WOW. What a feeling to touch her special lips. I started massaging her pussy lips, and she began to moan. She told me to insert one finger very slowly. My finger felt like inside a hot oven, and I started pushing them in and out. She started enjoying, and told me to insert another finger. Now my 2 fingers were masturbating her, and she started to get wet.
I asked Rosa if I could see her special lips, and she told me to put my head inside her skirt. But then she pulled down her skirt, and stood bare naked. She had a really tight body, and I just kept staring at her boobs, and pussy. To tease me, she said, you have seen enough for the day, and started to dress. I was burning now, and got a little angry. I got up and pulled her towards me, and took her in a bear hug. I said, now you are not going anywhere. Rosa loved to tease me. She said – “I see lover boy is now getting demanding. OK Lover boy, come and take what you want. I like strong demanding boys”.
That comment pulled out my animal instincts. I flung heron the bed, lay over her and started biting her nipples very hard. She liked it rough, and began to respond very well. I was only in my shorts, and while I was on top of her she pulled down my shorts. I bit her in many places, and reached her pubic area. She told me to bite her pussy lips, and I think I bit her too hard, as she let out a loud NO. She told me to be gentle as the pussy is very delicate, and to suck her juices from inside. I inserted my tongue inside that hot oven, not knowing what to expect, and I started sucking her with all I had. She was moaning, shaking all over, and kept saying “I want more lover boy”. Give it to me.
After I was satisfied, she got hold of my half erection, and took in deep into her mouth. I had never had this experience, and it felt like heaven. She was sucking me so gently, that I instantly had a full erection of 6.5 inches. She remarked – “Lover boy is thick and big”. I let her lead the way, and she told me to insert her from behind. She took the doggie style position, and directed my erection inside her. I was so excited that within 2 minutes I came, and let off my entire load inside her.
We both had a bath together, in the bathtub of my parents, and she gave me passionate kisses all over my body. Then she sat on my face and trained me on how to suck a pussy, and this time I made sure she moaned very loudly, and had a big orgasm. I also pinched her very badly on her buttocks, and that left my finger prints on her fleshy bottom. She loved that move.
Next day she again went for her bath, and left the door open, as an invitation. I now had the confidence, and walked in while she was dropping her clothes, to help her take off her undergarments. I tore off her flimsy panties, as they looked very old, and she started laughing. I promised to buy her more panties, but she said she had many nice ones, which I had not seen. After she was naked, she shaved my pubic hair, and massaged my dick with warm oil. Then she applied more oil on my erection, put me down on the floor and started riding me like a person rides a horse. After that she took me to her room, and showed me her Bra & panty collection. Some of them were really hot looking, and she put on a few to take my opinion. I choose a Red panty which had strings on the sides, and told her to wear this under her short skirt. She liked my choice, and complimented me for being very naughty.
She always kept a washed, clean pussy, ever ready to be licked. Even I had learnt to be ready at all times. She would wear the same short skirt (with those red string panties) and roam around in the house, when my parents were away, and would always give me a chance to get a peep show up her skirt. I would take many chances and loved to lick her pussy in all positions, and places. Her favorite was the dining table in the kitchen. I would make her lie on the wooden table, and eat her pussy almost daily for lunch. Many a times she would without warning, pull down my shorts, and start sucking me till I reached an orgasm. But she was a teaser, and had mastered the art of sucking me till just before the point of orgasm, then withdrawing, and starting all over again. She could give me head for 30 minutes at a stretch, driving me wild with pleasure.
I have never had such steamy sex in my life, and thank God my teacher was Rosa. She was a big TEASER, and could excite even a dead man !!!!! My Grandmother died 16 months later, and Rosa got a Nursing home job, another city. I never met her after that even though she continued to call me for some months. She would tell me on phone, that I was the best pupil she had ever known, and missed my naughtiness.

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