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The Seedy Side of Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia

The Seedy Side of Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia

I wrote a four hundred page novel set in Kings Cross, Australia ten years ago, and at the beginning of May 2005 just when I was gearing up to do a small self publishing run, my Lord Jesus Christ told me not to publish it and to destroy it. It was a hard decision to throw something away my thesis on sexual abuse and as a survivor I had invested ten years of my life and revisions into, but it only took ten minutes to comply once I knew Jesus was serious. A man has to obey. This collection of prose was used to introduce scenes in my novel that I was going to illustrate with in articles on sexual abuse and it's ramifications on the street life in Kings Cross. This is all that remains. I trust you may learn a little in these few pages. Kings Cross has a dark side with the abused the victims of rape and incest and the abusers the pedophiles living side by side.
Heroin: the currency of Kings Cross, Sydney.
Heroin accounts for a major portion of 80% of crime in the state of NSW, Australia. 80% of prisoners in NSW gaols are on drug based offenses. That's all the crime in NSW, in a calendar year. There would be a tremendous change in our way of life here in Australia, if society had to adjust to heroin becoming legal, as 80% of the Justice system wouldn't be needed as well as the areas of insurance, health and teaching. The sad fact of the matter is, that 85% of heroin users have been sexually abused. Kings Cross runs on the commodity of heroin which is the means of survival for the victims whose life sexual abuse have destroyed. Whilever underage prostitution exists in King Cross and pornography flourishes, there will be men who abuse children, and whilst men abuse children, there will be people who consume heroin.
Heroin is a commodity that trades on a resource that is worth less then human life. As a society we reject the junkie and look down on them, attributing blame on them for the crime levels, and yet we fail to acknowledge that our police, and justice administrators are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they eradicate heroin supply, then they'll lose there jobs, and if they don't make us a little happy we'll get angry.
The prostitute a sexual abuse survivor, junkie and the whole sex industry depends on the supply of heroin, and yet in the act of surviving they inflame the sexual abusers and encourage the abuse to re stock the victim levels, as they die from overdose, exhaustion, or suicide. The opium poppy, which is grown in major quantities in Vietnam, is a legal form of slavery our society once again condones through apathy, and every dollar of money spent in its purchase, is made into ten thousand dollars on the streets. With a product that is addictive, and the sheer lengths a heroin user has to go to feed their addiction, we as a society wear the cost of our governments doing business in heroin. Of course whilst people are dying, and we don't know one personally, that's fine isn't it. I'm sure we all think Vietnam happened for the sake of communism too if we try to bury our heads in the sand far enough. It might interest you to learn that ten years or so before the war, The French government attributed one third of their revenue from the production of the opium poppy. Hmm!
A typical sex worker's client on the streets of Sydney's Kings Cross
If you think the life of a prostitute is glamorous, maybe you should know that pretty Woman is a fantasy. Oh it was a lovely story, and once in a long while a girl actually meets a guy who is rich and wonderful and treats her like a lady for a night. But home in bed, her friend has a more run of the mill client. This is the bread and butter, and if you walk the streets, and you need hundred to put up tour arm every day, you have to work these sort of clients day in and day out. This guy isn't particularly rude, or obnoxious. He's a typical yobbo who's has come to the Cross, to get a little off his mind. He's been drinking, probably been with some mates earlier in the night, and you can see him in any public bar in a pub playing pool and having a laugh with his mates on a Friday night. He pays for a service, and expects it to meet his requirements. The shame is that people girls in Kings Cross have to endure the pain, to make a living, and worship the solace she finds in putting the hero... in
The pedophile who preys on Sydney's street kids
An abuser finds the art of intimidation a worthy subject of study. For a person who needs to abuse to gratify their inner lusts, having a victim of sexual abuse scared is very handy indeed. Unfortunately it's not until a person loves themselves and is well on the way to recovery as a survivor of sexual abuse that they have the inner strength to stand up to an intimidator. But a good intimidator will leave a victim with no option but to leave their needs behind, if they ever dare to speak up.
Selling sex in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia
Selling sex isn't as much fun as it's cracked up to be. Every client is a rich millionaire that is going to whisk you away. You have rent to pay, a secret life to live, and the daily grind of paying for your heroin. It's sad that we in our society allow this forced slavery, worse still to know we condone the Child sexual abuse that propagates it.. Hookers, prostitutes, or sex workers are just ordinary girls. They have personalities and feelings, like any other girl, but when they work they are in the business of charging men.
Over ninety percent of them will admit to have been sexually molested/sexually abused in the past and a very large majority of them use drugs to maintain some sort of sanity, and keep the demons at bay. The unfortunate worker, who is so worn down by the work, and life in general, finds herself a slave to the drug called heroin. This drug moves them forward each day, and demand that they return to the street, and its the friendships that are shared between tricks, that keep the whole fabric of their lives from collapsing into a heap. They don't need pity, these girls, they need to be accepted for the sweet and innocent girls they really are: the girls who wore ribbons in their hair to church before their daddy molested them.
In a year in Kings Cross I spent ministering to the girls in 2001 the worst strip club/brothel I found out of twenty girls that four of them had at one time become a born again Christian. Three of them had parents that still attended church each Sunday. For a year of five nights a week I was the only male company that was a Christian that wasn't abusing them or using their services. I cry for the girls who know Jesus but their addiction to heroin in stronger then his power to set them free. These girls truly do need a person to rescue them!
Street Kids daily grind to survive
Survival on the streets without regular income and no proper roof over your head is hard. A kid has a few options open, but each day on the street doesn't get any easier. A victim is a victim and on the streets of Kings Cross, people are only to happy to continue abusing you. A kid has his friends, and they aren't to betray each other. Many kids come from a violent home or if you can get them to be honest sexual abuse also comes up.
It may come as a surprise to the general public to find that Social Security will only pay you a benefit for unemployment or any other allowance if you have a fixed place of residence. When you have no fixed address you cannot receive a benefit. It may surprise you to know that next time you walk past a homeless man on your streets that this man hasn't blown his pension or benefit on some drink or gambling, in many cases they didn't get one.
Another factor for inner city homeless youth is that many of the hostels don't cater for you unless you are over twenty five, well at least the Matthew Talbot is that way in Kings Cross. With some of the sick acts a young youth has to do sometimes to make ends meet its little wonder some turn into heroin addicts.
Life in a squat
If you are a kid who has found themselves in a position that has you living on the streets, life is tough. The kids of Kings Cross Sydney, get sold a dream in the media that living on the streets in Kings Cross is where the tough street kids belong. They move down just for the chance to live there. They arrive as runaways and do their best to survive with their natural instincts and they take a chance on the elements. A lot leave Kings Cross via the Morgue, and not many survive drug free. Kings Cross is a business, and that is the business of heroin and trading in real peoples lives as a commodity to be bought and sold like the slaves of yesteryear. While ever there is sexual abuse in the home, Kings Cross will thrive with youngsters that will sell what's left of their souls to survive. Yet whichever these kids sell their young developing bodies to the depraved men who use them, the abuse will continue in the homes of these men who return with un- punished fulfilled lust fresh in their memories.
The roles seem to reverse in this sad situation and the girls seem to work to provide the money for the boys. The boys grow to like drugs and soon graduate into pimps or drug dealers. And whatever the outcome, no matter how long each individual lives for, there is a steady education on the streets of Kings Cross, that will ensure drug dealers in the future and men who benefit from women selling their bodies. It's tough gritty and real. You can ignore it, or you can learn and make a difference.
Abusers abuse then return to abuse again
Rape happens every day in every Western Country. Men consumed with lust, and driven by an addiction to pornography see women as victims who can be taken any time they wish.
Whilst ever there is pornography, there will be rape; and whilst ever there is rape without arrest there will be rapists who escalate to killing. In western countries we are very fortunate to have enough street dwelling victims of abuse to keep the daily murders from the headlines. But don't kid yourself! There are serial killers rampant and living undetected lives because their victims are worth less and aren't missed by society when they suddenly disappear. If you want to argue the point with me: first do some research of this centuries major serial killers and see what they have to say about pornography!
The cure to sexual abuse is found in understanding the abused and helping them heal. We need the males of our society who have been sexually abused to be healed in order to stop the next generation of abusers.
It was an interesting survey I read once and I can't quote the source, I am not very big on quoting reference sources like an academic, that said the leading age for rapists in the Western World were seventeen year old males. When they looked at the highest demographic for buying pornography grues what? It was seventeen year old males that bought the most!
Rape and pornography are connected, I know it, we all know it but we haven't the will power or the political savay to stop the trade of pornography!
I am truly sorry for all the victims out there!!
The victim and his pedophile
Every abuser needs to provide the victim of his lust with a reason to come back time and time again. This reason has to be something the victim is missing, and without the abusers input, the victim would feel lost or would suffer loss. In a lot of instances the pedophile is in a position of authority where the child has no option but to stay submissive, or risk harsh punishment from the parents.
In Kings Cross men can buy sex with young males and females. The addiction starts a habit and soon the hunt is on. I had to do a lot of research into this subject in order to get a handle on why my abuser abused me and to get an idea why the abusers abuse and how they do it in order to find a way to have compassion on them and forgive.
And to finish with here is a song that I wrote, one of the first twenty poems I ever wrote. The chorus is in bold. No one has ever put music to it.
A Working Girl
On a well it street a caf__ is warm And welcome shelter from a raging storm.
A girl sits and dips a piece of bread. Into some soup while she bows her head. The warmth, comfort and food bring rest to her heart. But are no real solutions for her as she is coming apart.
She doesn't know it but there is a solution above. Up in the heavens, a father of love. He is just waiting to give her some peace. To provide for her and give the solace she seeks. But his actions are limited to his sheep on this earth. To convey his love and to help cure her hurts.
The newspapers and magazines say it's okay. And it's healthy and should be enjoyed any which way. But sex to this girl has never seemed right. Ever since her father came into her room that night. Now men pay at least, and she earns her keep. And maybe one day she'll enjoy it at least.
The rain pours down outside never ceasing. And her body starts shaking her need increasing. Another vice, the only way that brings her peace. One more hit, one more trick and she'll get some sleep. She rises and pays for the little warmth within. And out on the street again to begin.
She has another hit and the drug takes hold. And wanders from her house back into the cold. Another man to selfishly abuse her flesh. And she puts on a performance, cause she's the best. He doesn't care for her, doesn't give a damn. The feelings sort of mutual but moneys left in her hand.
After he's gone she has a warm bath and reflects on her life and looks ahead in her path. Who am I kidding, I'm wasting each day. But what for a reason, is there a better way? What, or who can help me, who cares enough? And if they can help, how do I kick this stuff?
This girl could be yours, she's someone's you know! And what kind of love did her parents ever show? What can bring a person to this sad way of life? And if circumstances were different, could she be your wife? Can you be the parents she's never really had? And can you love and care for her like a real dad?
Do you know what it is like to really hate life? Can you honestly love this girl as much as a wife? When you look at you children can you see her too? Is Jesus so evident in your life that he shines in you? Our world is hurting and so full of despair. But do we ignore it or don't we really care?
This girl is fictional but there is one in your city. And we drive past her and say what a pity. You know Christ loves her as much as he loves you. And he certainly wants her to know his love too. Now that you know that she's down on your streets. Will you act on behalf of Jesus to make her life com complete.

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