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School Fun

School Fun

By Adele - Oct 21, 2008 21407 I was educated in an all girl private school, then at Uni. The school was a hotbed of sexual activity, not only by the girls but by the staff too.
Girls went to this school from the age of eight onwards, sexual activity started from round about ten years old. At that age one could be a ' Servant' to one of the fifteen or upwards girls. I was such a Servant and my 'Mistress' was fifteen, if she was one of the 'Elite' then she had a room to herself. This is what made a lot of the sex so easy to accomplish.
My Mistress was called Sophie and amongst my duties was to masturbate her and to give her oral sex. I quite enjoyed this having been used to masturbating for as long as I could remember. Obviously, at the same time, I also grew up, I developed early and by the time I was twelve had a good figure and menstruated regularly. This intrigued my Mistress and she played with my pussy to see what effect it had on me, we consequently slept together. Servants were only that until they were fourteen, on one's fifteenth birthday one became a senior.
I was very good at games, netball and hockey in the winter, cricket and tennis in the summer, I was also a good student and became one of the Elite. I discovered that the staff could then indulge in sex with those girls who qualified. I had sex with the games mistress and with the Head.
I went to a Sport Uni and became bi-sexual, I fucked with boys and enjoyed sex with other girls, by the time I graduated I was very experie ced. As luck would have it my old school advertised for a Games Mistress, I was interviewed by the Head. We had sex together for old time's sake. I had always liked sex with Janet, although by now she was in her fifties she had retained a good figure, she kept herself fit and not unnaturally had no children. At my interview she was delighted to see me, 'Adele!' she cried, 'I thought it must be you! Let's make love, darling!' We left her office and went into her private quarters where we stripped and got on the bed, 'I must taste your lovely cunt!' Janet said, 'I always particularly like the taste of your cunt juice.' I lay on the edge of the bed, Janet knelt in front of me and I spread my legs and lifted them. She knelt between them and lifting them over her shoulders applied her mouth to my already dripping pussy. She kissed and licked me before tongue-fucking me and sucking my clit, I have a very large clit, I came comprehensively. 'My turn now, ' she said. We changed places.
As usual Janet had a shaved pussy, she was now aroused but I knew that in repose her cunt lips looked ragged and untidy, now they were full and swollen and dripping with her cunt-juice. I did the same to her as she had done to me, she came once then asked for more, 'You always used to make me come, even when you were a young girl, you loved cunt.' I did as she asked. Showered and dressed once more we went back to her office, she said, 'Well, Adele, you haven't lost any of your skill, I presume you indulged at University?' 'Oh yes, Janet, ' I replied, 'though I am bi-sexual now, I love cock too.' Janet smiled, 'Aren't we all, darling, but cock is difficult to find here so cunt has to do for now. Not that I mind that. I have great pleasure in offering the vacancy to you, you will be a great asset in teaching the girls how to enjoy their bodies.'
Needless to say I accepted. As Games Mistress I was also a house-mistress, the girls in my dormitory were throughout the age range. But there were also three 'Elite' girls, I started my sexual activities with those. The first, Emma, was seventeen, a strapping hockey player who I remembered from my days as a pupil. She was blonde with big breasts, very nipple sensitive and loved tongue-fucking, I soon found out from her who the participant girls were. In the first week I slept with the other two Elites, Sophie, who was Polish, had hair as black as a raven's wing and Barbara, a svelte brunette with a neat line in small exquisitely shaped breasts and a huge cunt that was out of all proportion to her size. Sophie was very passionate and loved rubbinmg her cunt over her lover's face, it really got her off. Barbara, on the other hand, loved sucking clit, she was a very skilled lover, I enjoyed them both.
I discovered that week who the youngest girls were who liked to play, there was one girl, Jackie, who was only twelve, who had been fucked by her father apparently and wanted fucking with a dildo while she licked clitty. I found her very interesting and spent some time with her before going on to the next girl. This was Phoebe, a striking blonde who was possibly the most affectionate girl I came across and really did give me great pleasure.
One of the innovations I instituted was in the showers after games, the girls had to shower in pairs and that included me. I made my choice based on the performance on the pitch or court and in the subsequent shower made love to the girl. This was extremely well received and soon each shower had girls making love to each other and the chosen girls were the envy of the others and it became a sort of accolade for a girl to be made love to by me. One of the reasons was that they learned more than by playing with each other's cunts, only in the oldest girls was love-making more varied and com complete.
At the end of the first term Janet told me how popular I had become, I was after all very experienced and I even taught some of the staff some of the more esoteric procedures. We were a happy bunch for sure. To have such a wide field of physical types was a delight, I never saw two cunts the same and never had the same reactions. I loved to taste girl's love-juice and to give them their first orgasm. as they became older. The youngest girl I ever made come was just thirteen, she was so delighted, several years later she wrote to me to say how much that I had taught her had proved useful in her marriage, that made me feel very humble.
I remember those days very clearly with great pleasure, the myriad of young girl's cunts, their breasts too, what made one girl come and what made another. The staff too, the experienced ones where we made each other come and the new young ones, who's first job it was, that I taught to make love, it was all so pleasant and satisfying. Now I am in my dotage, I still masturbate though!

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