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Why Love Poems Are Hard To Write Yet Captivating To Read

Why Love Poems Are Hard To Write Yet Captivating To Read

Try asking couples at random about the things that made them fall in love and works that make their hearts feel better and beat faster, and for sure a good portion of your respondents will say poems are samples of works that made them connect with love. Immortal love poems continue to get the attention of lovers and the romantics There is something about poems that make women swoon and make men re-assure their love to their partners. And when the words of immortal poets are re-stated by a man as a means to shower her affection to the girl that he wants, then for sure the intentions of the writer of the poems are re-created. Lines like "How do I love thee, Let me count the ways" have captured many generations of lovers and poems like this one is sure to capture the hearts and attention of future generations. It is for this reason why lovers and the born romantics put a premium on poems, as these poems speak their language of love. Why love poems are hard to duplicate Poems may be popular and oft-repeated in many courtship rituals and dating game, but did you know that these poems are considered as the most difficult field to excel on, at least for our new brand of poets? The poets of old have no issues in composing the best poems for generations, but poets of today find it hard to excel in this literary art form. The reason for this, according to new generation of poets is that love poems are most prone to cliche. Or this simply means, writers and poets of today may say something already said before! When these new breed of poets write lines for their poems, they may say things already said before even though these are their sentiments and based on their real-life experiences. But though these poems are hard to write and it's a rough act to follow the poets of yesteryears, it's still important to underline the fact that poems and poems in general are captivating to read. This is because poems speak the basic instincts and wants of man, and that is the want and the need to love. Why all poems are love poems Almost all poems, if not all tackles this all important topic of love. In fact many poets of today say that all poems of old and today are actually poems. A poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy even said that poetry does add something to the world that we live in. Poems like love poems can even change the way we see the world, says this poet laureate. She added that poems can offer consolation for use, and poems can be angry and potent. And more importantly according her, poems like love poems offer moments and yearnings hat are based from love. They say that poems are different to right at this age, for the simplest reasons that the lines may sound trite and clich but there is no denying the fact that poems written long time ago and today are still a treat to read- they encapsulates every man's yearnings for love and affection.
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