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Pool Time

Pool Time

By Gabrielle Ramsey - Jul 3, 2008 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 59877 I wasn’t hesitant at all to accept when Marie invited me to her house to go for a swim. It was something we did all the time; I usually did most of the asking. Marie finally had some time away from her family and her boyfriend, both of which she didn’t like being around.
I put my bikini in a bag (there was no need to take my one piece, which I wore in public pools) and my towel, bottoms, extra underwear and clothing. I walked from my house to hers; it wasn’t a very long distance.
When I got there Marie was waiting in the backyard. She called me over. Marie was about my height, but I always felt like she was taller, she was much leaner. Even her face wasn’t as round as mine. She was one of the 5% of women who had the model body, and didn’t have some sort of disorder or undernourishment. I told her as much as I could, she had low self- esteem.
We tossed off our clothes, and leaped into the pool laughing at our clumsiness. We played ‘truth or dare’, ‘would you rather’, simple games that didn’t involve any sort of physical activity, with the exception of the dare of running in the back alley with you bikini pulled down. We spent at least an hour in the pool just talking like anyone else would, and then Marie said something I wasn’t expecting:
“I have a dare for you, and I know you’re not going to want to do it, because you’re so scared of every dare I give you.”
I felt a little mocked, I never passed up a dare, “Oh, you’re on. I’ll take that dare right now.”
Marie raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Come here.” I jokingly said, “If that’s the dare, count me out you sick twisted freak.”
She laughed, “No, that’s not it.” I tiptoed from my end of the pool to the middle where she was treading water. She smiled, “I’ll do it first, and repeat after me.”
I nodded, not sure what it was. She grabbed a noodle (one of those brightly coloured floating toys you have in the pool) and sat on it. So I took the other end of the noodle and sat on it. She tossed one leg over and sat on it like a saddle, so I did too. She moved into the middle, I moved nearer, she stopped and said, “Oh sh**, I forget what it was.” I slid the rest of the way, speaking in a manly voice, “Well hello baby, what’s a fine thing like you doing in a chemical filled place like this?” I moved close, almost rubbing us together.
She put an arm around me, speaking in an accent, “Well mister, I was just on my bicycle when I fell into this pool.” We giggled, I said in the voice, “I’ll save you, darling.” I jumped at her and pulled her underwater. We began to laugh, even though there was nothing funny about drowning. She gave me a hug, and my bikini back somehow came undone. She let go and let it fall.
I went back to the surface, gasping: “My swim suit!” She resurfaced, “It’s at the bottom of the pool!”
I had no use for covering myself I needed to tread water or I’d sink. She started to laugh, then took of her swim top, “Now you’re not alone.” I couldn’t help but look down at her somewhat small breasts. She must have been looking at mine because she didn’t notice I was. She gave me a reassuring hug, rubbing her breasts on me. I swallowed hard, I’d never really thought about a girl doing that, but it was happening. We drifted near the shallow end, Marie still wrapped around my neck.
I found myself backed against the stairs. She let go of me, and looked at me with her eyes, smudged with mascara, but only-slightly. I looked back, both of us half nude and staring at each other. I grabbed onto the bar, and she advanced on me. I felt her hard nipples pressing against the top of my chest. I took hold of either of her sides, she kissed me. She did it a few times before it became a fever of kissing and I was bumping against the wall.
We ran our hands along each other’s back; she took hold of my butt, holding me close to her. I took her thighs in my hands and pulled her even closer. I started to sink the water. She pulled back very quickly sitting against the steps. It was a pregnant pause. I took the advantage of going down on her. I put my arms around her chest and her lower back, pressing our breasts together. She smiled slightly and I brought my mouth to her throat, kissing, sucking, and going lower each time. She let out small breaths.
My mouth was on the top of her breast, I was reluctant to go any lower. I hesitantly licked around the nipple, flicking my tongue against it. She let out louder, shorter breaths; I eventually wrapped my lips around the hard nipple. I suckled gently; it was enough to make her moan. I went to the next nipple and did the same. I wrapped my legs around her thin waist. I opened my legs and let her hand creep in. It slithered around the bottom, looking for an entrance.
I liked the feeling of being touched, even if it was only slight. I suckled harder, and she started to make her way in. She spread the lips with two fingers, gave her other hand a turn. She squeezed my clit, I moaned out softly. I let her play with my pussy while I went about on her breasts, switching every so often.
She found my vagina touching outside of it, teasing. I bite down lightly on the nipple and pulled my face away. Marie was dominating now. She sat me against the stairs, and pulled my hair out of my face, placing it behind my ear gently. Her head sank down. I swallowed, half excited, and half nervous. She pulled the shorts down until it was hanging off a single foot. In this time I had recovered my top that floated back to me, and put it on.
She put my legs up on her boney shoulders somehow strong enough to support that with such a small figure. She advanced towards the inside, looking up at me. I bit my bottom lip. Marie sunk her head in, licking the slit, just finding out that it was easier to spread the lips. She did so, and then began to lick up and down, her head slowly sinking in and out of the water. She took the smallest breaths in between.
I let out soft moans, it was the best feeling I’d ever experienced. She became rougher, putting her entire mouth against my pussy, and sucking. I began to buck in pleasure. She took a moment to play with my clit before I came.
I squeezed the edge of the pool, my legs nearly snapped shut on her. I pulled my shorts back up, took hold of her waist, pulled her near and put my mouth on her, our tongues moving out of one mouth and back into the other. I lead her up the stairs onto the deck where she spread her legs open. I slid into the pool and swam over to her. She let her head fall back.
I knew that Marie wasn’t a virgin; it wasn’t much of a secret. I felt I had the right to finger her. I put my mouth over the lips, pushing my tongue through the lips and touching the clit. She let out a long soft moan; I pushed two fingers into her, making her gasp. She didn’t object. I slowly began to move my fingers in and out, gently, holding the lips apart to I could eat her out at the same time. She moaned louder, rubbing her hands along her sides.
I pumped faster, sucking on her clit harder, flicking it with my tongue. I felt her muscles closing on my fingers. She came in my mouth; I just let it sit in my mouth. I pulled myself out of the pool, and on top of her. She was running her fingers through her hair, breathing in and out. I had an open mouth kiss with her, letting her taste herself. She rubbed my breasts while we began to french again.
She reached down and rubbed me, so I did the same to her. It was very gentle, not too much to take in. We sat on top of each other, com completely naked, just grinding our mounds together, rubbing clits, just breathing and fucking at the edge of the pool, taking the advantage to eat each other out again, flicking tongues against the clits, driving it in and out of the vagina, cumming hard in each others mouths.
Marie spoke, “I remembered what the dare was.” She said playing with a lock of my hair, riding my mound again. “Oh really, ” I responded, “What was it?” She smirked, laughing, “It was take off your top.”

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