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Top 5 Female Erogenous Zones

Top 5 Female Erogenous Zones

We get a lot of e-mails from guys asking how they can get their women more interested in having sex. There's one very easy way to do it - and that's to "do it" right. We have special spots and zones that turn us on. If you think about it, I'm sure there are places that your girl will touch, kiss or stroke you that just drives you wild. Women are the same way but the spots might not be what you would guess first. So instead of just going straight for the clit and wondering why she's not climaxing, try our list out for a change. #1 - The Neck When asked, more women confess that their neck is one of the most sensitive spots on their bodies. Try licking, kissing and touch them on the back of the neck - or for an even quicker response - at the pulse point. This area is extremely sensitive to touch and can even elicit a goosebump reflex - letting you know she's ready, interested and welcoming to your advances. Women also carry a lot of tension in their neck and shoulder muscles. A sensuous massage or rub down targeting this area might also get them in the mood. Try scented oils - there are lots of aromotherapy types on the market - or see what she's got in the bathroom. Chances are she's already got a favorite on hand. #2 - The Ear Lobes Oh yeah... we love it when you kiss, lick or even suck on our ear lobes. We're not talking tongue in the ear here guys; this is a sensual, sexy kind of thing. While you are there you can whisper things to us - there's just something about hearing our man who usually speaks in a deep, guy-voice whispering sweet nothings in our ears that drives us wild. #3 - The Nipples Hey, these aren't just for you - proper stimulation of the nipples is a major turn-on. If you do it right, the nipples will become hard and sit straight up right. Use your tongue, your fingers - and make sure to give both breasts equal attention! Another sensitive area is just between the breasts - the cleavage. Kissing your way down between them both will really get our attention BIG TIME. Just be careful about nibbling, as they are really sensitive. Unless you know she's "into that" don't do any biting or hard sucking. #4 - Lower Back Before, during or after intercourse, gently massage or sensuously touch the lower back - just above her rear. If you are lucky enough to have access to this area while she's going down on you be prepared - she'll go wild and you'll get the blowjob of your life. Just gently touch this area - lightly with fingertips or fingernails - don't over-do it or it will lose its magic. #5 - The "G-Spot" Okay, you knew this was coming... the dreaded G-Spot that many men claim doesn't exist, but women can attest - it's there, you've just got to find it. Here's a clue - it is about the size and shape of a penny and can be found about 2-3 inches inside on the "roof" of the vagina (closest to her stomach). Once you find it - you'll know. She'll react and lose control so be warned - you may get kicked, squeezed (if your head is down there) or go deaf from her screams. Note - not all women "have" a G-Spot, well - they do, it's just sometimes impossible to find. But don't worry - you've got 4 other majorly sensitive areas to focus on and get her to enjoy sex more and hopefully, more often! Kath Blackwell has over a dozen years of experience working as a writer, developer and consultant in various areas of the adult online industry and is currently working as a marketing consultant for amateurshowroom amateurshowroom , the first adult amateur community that showcases member-submitted photos and videos.

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