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Watch The Runaways Online

Watch The Runaways Online

If you weren't a Runaways fan in the late 70s, don't be dismayed. Prepare yourself, though, for rock history as you remember it to undergo a few cosmetic changes with the release of the new film, The Runaways. Pop over and watchtherunaways.vox watch The Runaways online to see what's behind the talk. This may be one of those times when history rewrites itself. The movie, The Runaways, is about the four years that the band of the same name played together. Cherie Currie, who was the lead singer, wrote the autobiography Neon Angel, on which the movie is partially based. You'll see Dakota Fanning as Currie when you watch The Runaways online. The story chronicles the forming of the band by agent Kim Fowley. Fowley managed the band through a world tour and five albums. Much later down the road, of course, Joan Jett would form her band, the Blackhearts, and record I Love Rock N' Roll, now a classic. You won't see anything when you watch The Runaways online about the fact that the real success of The Runaways was Joan Jett and her rendition of the song. Other all-girl bands like the Go-Go's would later cite The Runaways as being influential in their music. In the US, they were never considered more than hype put together by a sleazy old man, if they were considered at all. Michael Shannon, who also played the psychotic son of Kathy Bates in Revolutionary Road, portrays the band's agent, Kim Fowley, when you watch The Runaways online. If the character sets off your sleaze alarm, trust your intuition. Watch The Runaways online and, for a few hours, you'll be transported back to the late 70s. Glamorous is one thing it wasn't. The Runaways didn't survive that decade as a band. The good news is that when you watch The Runaways online, you walk away knowing what they may not have achieved as a band, they did as women.
If you have enjoyed this article and wants to watch this movie, go ahead and check out: hubpages hub/Watch-The-Runaways-OnlineWatch The Runaways Online

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