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New York

New York

By Billy - Feb 4, 2005 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 3915 We were finally meeting. After talking business issues over the phone for months I was finally getting to meet the man who had such a deep, rich voice. I wore a pretty outfit for him just in case he looked as good as he sounded. It was a simple summer dress with spaghetti straps, low-cut in the front to give him a good view of my cleavage. And of course high heels, every man loves high heels.
As the train emptied out I watched for a gentleman wearing blue jeans and a blue pinstripe oxford. "I'll wear my Patriot's hat too." He laughed knowing that it was likely he wouldn't be the only one dressed like that getting off the train in New York City.
I saw him step down off the train and start to look around. He was even more handsome than I had imagined. Quickly I went to greet him.
"Hello, Steve?" His head nodded in agreement as I extended my hand. "Pleased to finally meet you."
He shook my hand and smiled back at me. His deep chocolate brown eyes twinkled at me and I felt my heart melt as that melodious voice responded.
"Hi Nina, it's nice to finally meet you too!"
I noticed how strong his hand was in mine and how masculine his arms were. He was in very good shape. Taking my eyes from his build I suggested we catch a bite to eat before we headed out for some sight-seeing. Steve was from the Cape and hadn't been to the Big Apple before, and I was his tour guide. As we walked to the restaurant I thought of a few things I'd like to show him that had nothing to do with the local sights... but that would have to wait until later.
After a quick dinner and some chit chat about his trip and where we'd be going we started out, first stopping at his hotel so he could check in and drop off his things. I showed him the usual tourist traps and laughed at the way he stood looking up at the enormous height of the buildings. Typical tourist behavior. As it started to get dark I figured we'd venture back to his hotel and save some sights for the next day.
Walking back to the hotel we passed some of those glamorous little peep and porn places. "You know I've always seen these things in movies and I didn't know they really existed!" He exclaimed after we walked by four in a row.
"Oh, they're very real. And very numerous." I replied noticing how intrigued he was with them. "I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to go in and check it out... I guess that's part of the whole New York experience."
He looked at me with a big smile, wanting to go in but not wanting me to think less of him. "Go ahead, " I said to him reassuringly, "I'll even come in with you."
"Alright." He said happily heading for the next XXX doorway.
As we walked inside the mostly male crowd gave a good look at me. I even got a few whistles and one very attractive grunt. Steve looked at me as if to question if I really wanted to be here. I just smiled back at him and followed close behind.
He sauntered through the isles of dildos, erotic lotions, paddles and lingerie. It was there that he stopped pointing to a kinky little outfit. "I hope you don't mind me saying this but I think you'd look great in this."
"Really?" I countered playfully, then pointed to a leather outfit with cuffs and replied, "I thought this was more me."
He laughed heartily at my teasing and moved on. We finally got to the little peep booths in the back of the shop and I told him to go for it. Once he went to check the peep show out I made my way to the front of the store then waited for him outside.
When his show was over he joined me outside. "You definitely don't get your moneys worth!" He stated disappointedly.
Back at his hotel we stopped by the lounge for a few drinks. After a few Alabama Slammers I was feeling pretty relaxed and so was he. We both decided it was getting late and I wanted to head home before I drank too much so I told him I'd walk him up to his room and say good night, not necessarily having 'home' on my mind. Once we got in the dimly lit elevator he rested his head against the wall closing his eyes. The drinks must be getting to him I thought and took he opportunity to get a look at his trim body. Broad shoulders, nice chest and abdomen, and an even nicer bulge in his jeans. Hmm. Looks like the peep show aroused more than his curiosity.
When the elevator reached his floor I asked if I could come inside for a drink of water. Of course, being the gentleman that he was, he obliged. When I came out of his bathroom he was lying with his legs hung over the side of the bed. A sly little smile crossed my lips as I walked over to the bed.
I sat down next to him not saying a word and began to rub the tightened fabric of his crotch. He let out a sigh and didn't protest my touch. I undid his belt and started to unbutton his jeans. "Here, let me help you with that." I said as I pulled the zipper down and freed his cock.
Suddenly his eyes opened and he sat up. "What are you doing?" He asked shocked. I told him to relax and lie back, and said that if he asked me to stop I would. He didn't ask.
I stroked his hardness easily, admiring how long the shaft and how big the head was. Delicious. I nuzzled my face against his pubic hair, taking in the scent of his masculinity, and then rubbed his cock against my cheek and lips. With my tongue I flicked at the head a few times but then went to work on his balls. Sucking them each into my mouth, licking and nibbling on them. He started to groan as I licked up his shaft and made my way toward his sensitive glans. Again, I flicked at the head and circled my tongue around the ridge. I tiny bit of precum glinted in the soft light of the room and I licked it up. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked him very gently, taking in only a little of his thick shaft.
His hands had now made their way to my head and he began to take control of the situation. He started to pull me to him more aggressively. He gave me no choice and I opened my mouth and took him further inside. He slowly began to fuck my mouth, his hips coming up to meet my face. I sucked him hard liking the taste and feel of him. His pumping increased as I took him in all the way, my lips pressed against his sweaty pubic hair. I massaged his balls and asshole while he pulled my face down onto his cock, using my own saliva to lubricate his puckered hole. I could feel his body becoming more tense and knowing he was getting closer to orgasm I shoved my finger up his ass. "Oh Jesus..." he shouted as he thrust deeply immediately unloading his cum in my mouth and throat. Grinding his groin against my face he held my mouth over his spewing cock. "Swallow!" He commanded as he continued to shoot more and more cum. I swallowed as he ordered, enjoying his sapid semen.
When his orgasm finally subsided I crawled up next to him. "Well Steve, welcome to New York." I said with a laugh. He laughed too, an exhausted but satisfied laugh, then pulled me close to him. "Why don't you call me Sir." He ordered politely.
I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and desire at his response. "Yes... Sir." His smile broadened and he gave me an approving nod. "Good girl."
It seemed that the alcohol's sleepy affects had worn off. He got up from the bed, quickly removed his clothes and went to the bathroom. "Come in here."
I wondered what he was up to and joined him in the bathroom. There he turned me to the large mirror that occupied the wall above the sink and stood behind me. He brushed my hair to the side and gently kissed my neck, his hands caressing my arms and stomach. It was a slow process as he slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders letting the dress slide easily down to my waist, my large breasts now exposed their nipples aroused and ready. Then pushing the dress and my panties over my hips and to the floor so that I stood only in my heels. He had started to watch his actions in the mirror, the same as I was, and our eyes met. I quickly looked away. Oddly enough, considering I just gave the guy a blow job, I felt embarrassed.
"Don't be embarrassed." he said tenderly, his hands starting to roam the soft flesh. As he moved from one spot to another he would tell me it was beautiful all the while watching my eyes follow his hands in the mirror. "Your breasts are beautiful, your stomach is beautiful, your hips are beautiful, your ass is beautiful, your pussy is beautiful" That's where he stopped. His hands sliding between my bare thighs, fingers teasing the softness there. He ran his finger up along my wet slit letting himself sneak inside.
I moaned at his intrusion. He started to fuck me with his finger, driving it as deep as he could while his thumb played with my clit. I watched intently in the mirror as his finger disappeared between my wet lips then reappeared again. I inadvertently began to push my hips toward him and he asked if I liked what he was doing.
"Oh yes." I replied. Suddenly there was a sharp pain as he took hold of my pubic hair and gave it a tug. "OUCH!" I yelped and started to pull away, but he wrapped his strong arm around me and whispered in my ear.
"You will answer my questions with a Yes Sir or a No Sir... nothing else. Do you understand?"
I took a deep breath, realizing my place. "Yes Sir."
With that he turned me to him and sat me up on the counter, then left the room. I almost got up to follow him but then I thought better of it and waited for his return.
He walked back in the bathroom, vibrator in hand. I was excited by the toy but what I really wanted was him and I could see he member was starting to regain consciousness. Steve stood in front of me kissing me passionately and positioning himself between my legs. He broke the kiss and brought the vibrator to my lips. "Give your little master a kiss." I kissed the tip of the vibrator then watched as he lowered it to my pussy. He turned it on and placed it against my glistening entrance. Slowly he slid it inside, making me squirm and grip tightly onto the edge of the counter. He began to use the device with more purpose, quickly pushing it deep then pulling it out slowly. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations and he again asked me if I was enjoying myself. "Yes Sir." I replied with smile.
I was surprised when I felt his tongue joining in the efforts of the vibrator. Licking at my wet lips and playing with my clit. I was wiggling all over the counter by the time his lips closed over my clit and started sucking. My juices were all over his face, his hand and the counter and I knew I was going to cum soon. He took my bud into his mouth and bit down lightly on it. "Oh god!" I squealed as I came uncontrollably throwing my head back. He threw the vibrator down and stuck his tongue in my quivering cunt. Sucking up my cum and eagerly eating me out while I moaned in ecstasy.
"You were a very bad girl." He said once I calmed down and I looked at him with surprise. "I didn't tell you that you could cum. You almost made me miss the sweetness of your pussy."
I started to explain myself but he put a finger to my lips. He walked me back into the bedroom and picked up his belt. "You need to be punished for your disobedience missy. Would you like me to use my belt or my hand against your bare bottom?"
Dumbfounded I just looked at him. "Well? Would you like me to use the belt?" He asked.
"No Sir."
"Very good. I prefer to feel your ass as I give it a good spanking."
He told me to bend over and hold onto the footboard of the bed and I quickly did as I was told, remembering how much worse it was as a kid when I would make my father angry by not acting immediately. He ran his hand over the curve of my upturned ass then down to my pussy. "It's this little bitch down here that got you in trouble." He said stroking my cunt. "Remember to control her next time."
He slapped my ass with a hard blow and I jumped up and turned around. He shook his head and picked up his belt. I figured he would tell me to resume the position I had been in but he didn't. He snapped the belt at me and it made contact on the soft underside of my unexpecting tits. White hot pain flashed through my whole body and I cried out, covering my wounded globes with my hands. It was then that he told me to resume and keep position I had been in or else he'd be forced to administer the rest of the punishment using his belt on my breasts. As I turned back around I could see his cock was growing very hard as my punishment was getting underway.
I bent over the footboard and presented my ass to him for my spanking feeling the tears roll down my face. He proceeded with the spanking, I think it was twenty whacks, making sure each hit hurt as much as the one before it. When he finished he bent down and kissed my red bottom soothing the welts with his tongue and finding his was to my cunt once again. He stuck his tongue deep into my ocean and I shivered. I hadn't realized his spanking had made me so hot. Miraculously the tears stopped.
"Would you like me to fuck you?" He asked as he stood and slid the bulbous head of his big cock along my pussy.
"Oh yes Sir." I sighed wanting him to fuck me so badly I could taste it. With little effort he pushed that big cock head of his inside me and my mind almost exploded.
"Would you like to feel the rest of my cock deep inside that hot little cunt of yours?"
My whole body was shaking with anticipation and I was barely able to speak. "God yes!" I said enthusiastically.
He pulled away from me, his cock head making an audible popping sound as it came free of my tight pussy. "I didn't hear 'Yes Sir', did I?" He questioned walking away from me.
"Oh Sir, I'm so sorry. Please Sir, please I promise I won't let it happen again. Anything Sir, anything you want me to do Sir I'll do." I begged of him, needing to feel his hard prick inside me. Needing him to fuck me until I collapsed.
He went to his travel bag and brought something over to the bed. I made sure not to turn and look not wanting to displease him in any way. Not wanting to make my wait for his cock any longer than it had to be. He leaned over me and put some sort of leather around my neck and I wondered what it was. "Go ahead." He said as if he knew of my curiosity. "You can touch it."
I reached up and felt it. It was a collar. A leather collar with a large ring in the center and two smaller ones on either side. I wasn't quite sure what this meant, I had some ideas, but I didn't really care to analyze things at this point in time. "Thank you Sir."
His hands slid down along my sides as his cock again found my wet entrance. "Tell your Master you want him to fuck you."
"Oh Master, I want you to fuck me. Oh please, please Master. Fuck me." I implored, arching my back so that my pussy was more easily accessible for him.
His hands fondled my breasts, pulling and twisting gently on my nipples as he teased me with his cock, letting the head enter me and slowly pushing his length deeper. I pushed my hips back at him and he pulled back. He didn't need to tell me I had done wrong. I understood. Again he slid his cock inside me sinking himself inch by painstaking inch. When finally he had fully impaled me with his sweet meat he rested a moment as if to savor the feeling. I was trembling from desire and need but as much as I wanted to I didn't move. "You are learning quickly." He complimented and began to thrust hard and deep inside me.
I could feel the juices from my pussy running down my thighs as he pumped in and out of me with his gorgeous thick cock, rocking my whole body and taking me to the brink of orgasm. I wanted to cum so badly. As he fucked me lustily with his cock his hands were kneading breasts and pinching the erect nipples. As good as it felt I wanted to be able to fuck him back and after a few minutes my wish was granted. I could hear his breathing getting more ragged and gaspy.
"Fuck me." He breathed harshly and I gratefully began to move my hips in time with his, pushing back to meet his assault. He was giving me the best fuck of my life and the sensation was so incredible I had to bite down on my lower lip to keep from cumming. "Oh please Master." I begged, "Please let me cum. Please."
"Do you promise to be a good girl from now on?"
"Oh yes Sir. I'll be good."
He placed his hands at my waist and drove his tool deep inside me a few more times, the head banging against my cervix and making me cry out in both pain and pleasure. I was praying he'd let me cum because I was loosing hold of that last shred of control. His pace increased and I could hear the sound of our bodies softly slapping as they made contact with each other. The sounds of our wet sex resounding off the walls.
"Please Master?" I asked in desperation.
"Yes, my precious. You may cum now."
Immediately I felt my cunt tighten around his cock. The waves of pleasure crashed down and I felt the gush of fluids as I came. I was bucking and writhing under his attentions, my hungry tunnel sucking at his fierce cock and I screamed into the mattress out of sheer pleasure.
I was just starting to come down when I felt his body stiffen and his thrusts become very intense. He started to growl and groan as his nails dug into my tender hip flesh, his hard prick slamming all the way into me. "My fucking bitch. My sweet fucking bitch." He said in a guttural voice as he shot his hot load in me. I could feel his cock pulsating and jerking, cumming for what seemed an eternity, and filling me with his thick, creamy cum.
When he finished he withdrew from me and laid on the bed. "Come on." He said urging me to come relax with him. His demeanor had changed and I was more at ease. As I climbed up onto the bed I paused and took his waning erection in my mouth, sliding up and down it's diminished length. Each time I would bring my tight lips over the head he would jump and then laugh. "That's still very sensitive you know!" He said loving every second of the torture. When I finished licking up the remnants of our love making from his cock I laid by his side.
As I lay there with him gliding his finger over my still hard nipples, I realized I still had that collar on and reached up to investigate it further. He smiled and hooked a finger through the center ring pulling me close and bringing my lips to his for a deep kiss.
He looked at me with a wicked grin and tugged the collar a bit. "I've got some other things to teach you tomorrow."

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