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The Problems With Online Dating

The Problems With Online Dating

Nowadays too many men spend much of their quality time on theputer and most of their "pick up" time on dating sites. I want you to spend no more than 20% of your pick up time online from now on. The reason why I say this is because most of these dating sites have more men than women. Consequently you'll have 20-50 men all vying for the same woman's attention. Even if you have the best story to tell her there is a very good chance that she won't even read it. Why? As I said there is far too muchpetition. The best case scenario for getting consistent pussy online is 1 of three things: having a great body and using this as your profile picture, having a very handsome face or having tons of social pictures (e.g. Parties, clubs, etc.). Also don't forget their profile pictures can be fake, manipulated or even stolen. Keep this in mind. Your valuable time can be spent outside talking to live women as you see them. I know it seems easier to get rejected online rather than in person because it is so impersonal. You're not going to learn how to talk to women by sitting on yourputer all day spamming the same message to every attractive woman you see. This is precisely why I prefer the real thing because frankly it is too damn impersonal. Your chances of charming a woman off the streets to the sheets in the same 24 hours are exponentially higher than doing it online. I know this from experience. My breakdown would probably be something like: 70% Women I meet as I'm out and about 20% Women I meet in clubs/lounges 10% Women I meet on social networking sites. I believe the reason (other than the easier lay) why I strongly prefer meeting women outside is from the buildup of momentum. I remember this time I was waiting for the train and I approached this girl. All I said to her was "Hi" and she looked at me and walked all the way to the other side of the train station. Yet, I noticed another girl behind me looking at me seductively. I approached her and we hit it off. My belief is my momentum whether from a success or a failure is going to carry me. My philosophy is that of a hunter and sometimes when you hunt you have to put yourself in real situations to fail. Only then can a man truly learn from his mistakes. Like many things nowadays online dating is a way to protect you from yourself; to domesticate you. But Remember if you have a great body, then online dating will be a breeze for you.
Father Pharaoh is a 26 year old street philosopher and poet hailing from The Bronx, NY. Visit his new blog at thewomanizerblog thewomanizerblog for information and misconceptions about womanizers.

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